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Motorola MBP161 Timer Audio Baby Monitor
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Product SKU Motorola MBP161 Baby Monitor
Brand Motorola
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Key Features

  • Three Activity Timer
  • Night Light
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Room Temperature Monitoring
  • Lullabies
  • 300 m Range
  • Out of Range Alert
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • LED Sound Level Indicator
  • The Motorola MBP161 Timer Digital Audio Monitor comes with an integrated night light on the baby unit which will calm your baby, while the integrated lullabies help soothe your baby to sleep. The night light add a subtle ambiance to the room, so your child is not in complete darkness during the night.
  • The two-way communication feature allows you to speak to your little one and with the high sensitivity microphone you will hear every clear sound coming from your baby’s room, so you can be there when your baby needs you.
  • Room temperature monitoring is enabled and displayed on the parent unit, thanks to the integrated thermometer keeping you informed on the real-time temperature of your baby’s room.

Using the MBP161 Timer

Activity Timer

The MBP161 Timer has three activity timers pre-set so you can set a time when your little one needs their sleep, nappy changing or milk feeding and have an alarm alerting you. The LCD screen with backlit display ensures a more interactive experience for you as a parent, you can control everything from the parent unit.


The long range of up to 300 metres means that you are able to take your parent unit around your home without any audio distortion. There is a sound activated LED alert on the parent unit, so you are able to visually see the loudness of any sound emitting from your baby’s room.

The stand on the parent unit lets you move around your home with ease. The out of range alert lets you stay connected with your little one as the alarm sound will give you a warning, even if you have large home.

Additional Information

The MBP161 Timer has an integrated eco-mode so you never use too much power when plugged in to the mains. The low battery indicator lets you know whenever the parent unit is running out of power, so you can put it back on charge thanks to the rechargeable battery and continue using your monitor.

The parent unit has a standby power of up to 14 hours, giving you a more flexible pattern on your usage.

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